Nutritional, Lifestyle + Wellness Coaching

As a holistic nutritionist, I take an individualistic approach to your health concerns by evaluating your health history, including your physical and emotional state, as well as your lifestyle and dietary habits.  I also take into consideration any food sensitivities, allergies and nutritional deficiencies.  I use a natural approach with evidence-based diets to help with symptoms such as; acne, eczema, fatigue, sleep issues, diabetes, weight-loss, hormonal and mood issues.

It is incredible the difference a nutrient-dense diet can have on your body and mind! Supplements are sometimes recommended, as they may be necessary to help boost your body’s deficiencies. By providing you with a whole-food nutritional plan, lifestyle and wellness recommendations catered to your needs, my goal is to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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Offices in Toronto and Barrie

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